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Writing Prompts 34

Spooky times are here again. Though considering how 2020 has been, who’s afraid of witches and ghosts anymore? But enough of those depressing thoughts. Here’s some writing prompts for you to enjoy along with your favorite seasonal treats.

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Friday Fiction -- On the Red Line, Part 3

The noise inside the train shifted. First, a whoosh as the train left the tunnel. Then, the click-clack of the wheels dipped beneath the rush of wind. From the sounds alone, the four passengers knew that they were traveling above ground now.

Mia restarted the conversation with “So, where were you two when the weirdness began? I thought that since we’ll be working together…”

“Why do you assume that?” David interrupted.

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Idea You Can Steal 43 -- The Wizard-King's Defense

Just a friendly reminder to do your mental health a favor and turn off the news for a few hours. If you don’t have other projects to occupy your time away from the outside world, here’s a story idea you can chew on.

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The Virtues of a Functional Story

The reason a lot of beginning writers start learning how to write creatively is they have one amazing idea for a story. They imagine the twists and turns the plot will take the reader down, the surprise ending they never saw coming, with totally unique characters and setting. They’re sure that it’ll be the next bestseller.

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Writing Prompts 33

It’s finally starting to cool down in my part of the world, meaning fall is on its way. Here’s a new batch of prompts you can use to write through the changing seasons.

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