April showers bring – writing prompts. That’s the best seasonal joke I can come up with. Anyway, here are five more for your writing routine.

  1. Someone tries to kill the main character. Why does the main character survive? Do they pursue their would-be murderer? Who wants them dead? Why?

  2. An experimental type of portal has been developed – a stargate, a teleportation spell, something stranger, etc. The main character is the (un)lucky first test subject. What goes horribly wrong?

  3. The main character uncovers a plot to harm someone. Who? How? What does the main character do?

  4. The main character receives an enormous sum of money as a gift. Who gave it to them? Does the main character trust this person? Does the main character even know this person? And why is the main character suddenly getting cryptic threats over the telephone?

  5. A scientist gets a job offer from the government. Why is the government interested in their research? Why does the scientist refuse the offer? Does the government take no for an answer?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.