Inspired by “Tales of Dragonia” by BrunuhVille

Have you heard of Dragonia? The narrow valley between the Black Peaks and Summoner’s Rise? That’s where the ancient dragons are said to reside. A land of crystal waterfalls, gems that glimmer like stars, and fruit trees planted by the gods. Ruins of an old kingdom are there, its glory faded to time. What treasure, what relics, what magic it might hold.

Dozens have ventured out to seek this place. None have returned. Most say they perished, but not I.

One was a prince from far away, a man who would have been king. He sacrificed everything to live among the scaled beasts, even his name. Today, stories tell of a dragon rider with crown and bow, chasing storms above Summoner’s Rise.

I think they found something there – the prince, the others that went after. Something that persuaded them to stay. What, I don’t know.

You don’t believe me. But I have more than scraps of tales. I have a map. What do you say, young one? Interested?

©2018 Joyce Lewis. All rights reserved.