Summer is here! (Or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere.) Grab a seasonal beverage and get your creative juices flowing with one of these prompts.

  1. The main character has been friends with Cameron for years. But now, they are on opposite sides of a larger conflict. What is this larger conflict? How does this end their friendship?

  2. An outsider comes to town. The townspeople immediately don’t like this outsider, yet the main character is intrigued by them. Why? What does the main character learn about this outsider? How do the townspeople try to drive the outsider away?

  3. The main character is a storm chaser in a time before cell phones. Their van breaks down on the side of a lonely highway. How do they survive the storm?

  4. The main character encounters ghosts/spirits in a dream. Why is the main character angry with them? What do they argue about?

  5. Two friends aren’t speaking to each other. Why? The main character is stuck in the middle of the conflict. How do they try to preserve their friendship with both sides?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.