Inspired by “Thorns” by Vindsvept

I’ve never believed in coincidences. Not in this town. Why you? Why me? Why tonight?

I’ve heard that the dead need to make their peace. But these questions will haunt me for eternity if I leave them behind. So I’ll wander the earth a while longer, until I have my answers.

Who are you, my comrade in death? What exactly were you doing a block away from my building? Something about your girl, right? My neighbor? Did she stand by your corpse too, eyes wide and mouth agape?

Did you see them – the one who killed us? Why did they want us both dead? Or was I the lucky bastard who got in the way?

There’s not much use staying here. Even the police are getting sick of poking at our corpses. Where have you gone, anyway? Did you go with your girl to be there when she was questioned? To eavesdrop on the detectives? Are you curious too? Or are you being the sensible ghost and avoiding the living? Have you already made your peace?

It doesn’t matter. Before I leave this world, I will have my answers. I don’t care how long it takes. I will know the truth. I will know who you are. I will know why we died and on the same night.

©2018 Joyce Lewis. All rights reserved.