Ordinarily, I’d comment on how the weather is starting to warm up, but there’s been a heatwave this week. Maybe summer snuck in early? Regardless, a new batch of writing prompts are coming to you right on schedule.

  1. Write a story about how a war is resolved diplomatically.

  2. A wizard’s apprentice gets their hands on a spellbook they’re not supposed to use. What sort of chaos ensues?

  3. A mad ruler declares war on the thunderstorms that often sweep across the kingdom during the summer. How does the ruler and their army fight against the storms? What really happens?

  4. The main character was kidnapped then abandoned in a sketchy warehouse district. All the main character has is their smartphone and the clothes on their back. How does Siri (or a similar program) help them get back home?

  5. A group of friends spends the day at an old amusement park. They think it’s abandoned, but that’s not entirely true. Who or what is in the park with them?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.