Have a nice Halloween? Trick-or-treating had to end early in my neighborhood because of a thunderstorm. But now that it’s officially November, it’s time for a new round of writing prompts.

  1. Write an invasion story from the point of view of the ordinary citizens who are getting invaded.

  2. A soldier returns home, burdened with terrible secrets. Over thirty years later, something causes them to recall these secrets. What happened during the war? What triggered these buried memories?

  3. Two middle school kids fight to win the attention/friendship/affection of an attractive new student. Does either protagonist succeed? Or does the new student make other friends instead?

  4. Two characters from feuding clans become friends. (Whether it grows into something more is up to you.) Their relatives find out about it. How do our main characters react? Bonus points if the story doesn’t end with either one of them dying.

  5. Rival hackers are racing to crack into a nearly inaccessible database. They learn too late the reason why this particular database was so hard to crack open. What have they unleashed upon the internet?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.