It’s that time of year again. Here’s a few writing prompts to kick off your holiday writing sessions.

  1. Write a story about a runaway science fair project and the havoc it wreaks.

  2. Write a story that takes place during a holiday ceasefire.

  3. The main character is down on their luck, so much so that they’ve only kept one heirloom from their previous life. What is it? Why is it so important to them? What, if anything, would persuade them to finally part with it?

  4. It’s said that what happens at the company holiday party stays at the holiday party. What happens when it leaks onto social media?

  5. The main character lies about their luxurious lifestyle to impress their date. As they and their significant other continue dating, the main character has to go to greater and greater lengths to keep up the lie. What happens when the truth finally comes out?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.