I know a lot of you are arranging something special to do with your special someone on a certain holiday next week. So I’m giving you your Valentine’s Day gift early this year – a box of writing prompts. Enjoy!

  1. A military researcher is working on ways to weaponize light when they discover a method for sending messages within light beams. However, they start receiving light messages from deep space. What do these mysterious messages say? Do they give any clues about the sender?

  2. Write a story set in a frozen city.

  3. The main character wants something so badly that they’re willing to cheat to get it. What is the thing they want so much? What drastic measures are they willing to take to eliminate the competition?

  4. Write a story about a brain virus infecting a deep space or deep sea base.

  5. A noble household (including their servants) is cursed and transforms into monsters. Bonus points if they transform into something other than vampires, zombies, or werebeasts. One loyal servant escapes and sets on a quest for answers and a cure. But why didn’t the curse affect them?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.