Can we just unplug 2020, wait ten seconds, and restart?

Knowing my audience, you’ve probably heard this joke and dozens of others like it as they spread across the internet in the wake of Corona-chan’s world tour. All jokes aside, the world feels very different than it did a week ago. I don’t know what I can say in response to the mass insanity that hasn’t already been said. However, the light-hearted notes I usually write in this section would be tone deaf.

If anything, I encourage all of you to look for the silver linings and take some time when you can to disconnect from the news and the chaos outside. Writing has always been a great way for me to channel and work through strong emotions. Besides, doing something you love will lift your spirits and counteract all of the stress-inducing bad news that’s pouring out of the TV 24/7 right now.

Since a lot of us are going to be home with extra time for writing, I thought I’d share a meaty Idea You Can Steal this month. I’m not planning to deviate from my normal posting schedule, so you can expect more from Apprentice Wordsmith in the coming weeks. For now, I wish you and yours health, safety, and luck.

A conflict between factions of mages – masters of the elements – boils over and sends the world spiraling into war. The ostracized Masters of Darkness have the power to end the war quickly. How do they insert themselves into the fight after decades spent in exile? How do they triumph over the other magical factions?

There’s two ways to earn bonus points with this idea.

  1. Include elements beyond the classical four (earth, air, water, fire) and darkness’ natural opposite, light.
  2. Write the Masters of Darkness as selfless characters and have them use their powers to protect the common folk.

Reactions? Comments? Leave them down below. Want to share what you’ve written? Feel free to leave your work or a link to your work below too.