I don’t know about you all, but I don’t mind rain. In the summer, I look forward to it. Maybe because it’s a chance to cool down, or maybe because it washes the air clean. After what 2020 has been and still is, cleaning the air sounds nice.

Here’s a story idea for you to work on the next time you’re waiting out a rainstorm.

Townspeople regarded their resident hobo as crazy yet relatively harmless. The hobo disappears one day, saying they’re going off to find some treasure they were always talking about. What is this treasure? What were some of the stories the hobo told about it? A week or so later, a few of the hobo’s friends start looking for them, wondering what became of them. As the friends follow the hobo’s trail, they realize that the hobo might not be so crazy after all, and there’s more truth to the treasure and the rumors surrounding it than anyone believed.

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