Trying to catch up on work stuff and re-align my sleep schedule this week. Mistakes were made, and now I’m paying the price. So no witty intro (or a lame seasonal joke) this month, folks. Here’s your promised new batch of writing prompts.

  1. A bit of diplomatic trickery goes awry when the foreign ambassador is kidnapped. How will the ambassador’s hosts fix the situation before the public hears about it? And since when did this mansion have an excessive amount of trap doors and secret passages?

  2. Write a story set in an army’s desert encampment.

  3. A lower-class character gets the chance to attend a high society dinner party. What about the party makes the main character extremely jealous of their host?

  4. A spy persuades their target’s spouse to feed them information. How did they win the spouse’s cooperation?

  5. A celebrity with a Type A personality and their entourage visits a small town for a day. Shenanigans ensue that the townsfolk gossip about for years.

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.