It’s finally starting to cool down in my part of the world, meaning fall is on its way. Here’s a new batch of prompts you can use to write through the changing seasons.

  1. A charismatic demagogue spreads a mind virus through a population via magic, advanced science, or old-fashioned indoctrination tactics. How does the virus corrupt and damage the infected? How do ordinary citizens attempt to save their loved ones and stop the demagogue from destroying their society?

  2. The cure for a rare disease can only be found in an enchanted town. Legend says the town only appears once every few years. Can the main characters find a way to locate and enter the town before its next foretold appearance?

  3. An imperial palace has been magically sealed in ice for centuries. A band of thieves accidentally melt the magical ice. Unfortunately for them, the sorcerer who sealed the old palace is still alive and now awake.

  4. A schemer sends the same letter to 12 virtuous acquaintances: “Flee at once. Your secret is out.” Why does the schemer want these 12 people out of the country? What are they plotting? Do all 12 fail for the ruse and heed the letter’s warning, fearing for their reputations?

  5. Write a story with a character who’s the sole descendant of a cursed noble family.

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.