Hey everyone. I’m sure my fellow Americans have a lot on their minds with the recent news. So I’m going to make this intro short and sweet. Here’s a set of writing prompts to help get your mind off whatever brand of insanity you’re dealing with and spark your imagination.

  1. Write a story where the central problem is solved by an average person pointing out the obvious.

  2. A knight long thought dead shows up in a village, sick and delirious. The knight claims to hear the voices of the wrongfully slain, and that they desire revenge. How can the villagers and the knight’s remaining friends and family comfort this troubled soul?

  3. Write a story where victory celebrations go too far and lead to a disastrous situation.

  4. Write a story centered on a gang turf war. The twist: all of the characters involved are anthropomorphic animals.

  5. An assassin sneaks into a high society gala held at a coastal villa to take out one of the VIP guests. Our main character is another party-goer who gets caught in the chaotic aftermath. Why are the police so interested in what they saw that night?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.