Who else is grateful that 2020 is nearly over? Here’s your last batch of writing prompts for the year.

  1. An employee suspects their boss of embezzling company money. What was the unusual thing or event that tipped the employee off? Will they pursue justice or try to protect their own hide?

  2. Write about a heist gone wrong.

  3. A fatally injured soldier stumbles into a city to report that their army was victorious. That is the last the city’s rulers hear from their army or about that battle. What exactly happened? What was the cost of victory?

  4. Our main character is a druid or shaman – someone’s who granted wisdom and power by the natural world. They consult the elements regarding some mystery. What is this mystery? Is nature willing to help?

  5. A cold case is re-opened. A prisoner, who had resigned to their fate long ago, may finally be exonerated. What new evidence has come to light?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your in the comments below.