We made it, y’all! It’s 2021! Here’s some prompts to kick off your first writing sessions of the year.

  1. Write a story surrounding the triumphant return of troops from war.

  2. Write about a time-traveler. The catch: you can’t write from the time traveler’s perspective.

  3. Famine has struck. While most of the town focuses on getting food for everyone, a small group is tasked with investigating the cause. They find that nature isn’t to blame for the food shortage. Is a corrupt government causing the people to starve, or is it something more supernatural?

  4. After a long struggle, the main character has won the prize they worked so long to obtain. However, they discover that their prize is cursed or otherwise dangerous. Can they get rid of it, or are they stuck with this “prize” forever?

  5. The main character reports to a farm to perform required community service. (Why they’re required to do this service is up to you.) Problem is that the main character is anxious around animals. What kinds of misadventures and life lessons ensue from the main character being forced to care for the farm animals?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.