Hey everyone. I’m finally ready to implement some major updates to the blog. Here’s a few things I need to warn you about.

  • Site will be down from noon Saturday (January 23) to 5pm Monday (January 25) US Eastern Standard Time. Depending on how quickly servers update, the site may be back up early, but I still need 48 hours to make sure the changes take effect.

  • This site will no longer use Disqus comments. If you want to save anything you posted in the comments section, please do so before the site goes down, else the content will be lost.

  • There won’t be any new posts until the updates are complete. If this is the first one you see, then I’m still working in the background.

I fully expect the blog to look wonky and my backlog to be incomplete once it’s back online. Please be patient while I clean up and restore all of my previous posts.

See you on the other side!