As the title implies, the changes are complete and all of my old content has been restored. I hope you’re enjoying the new look as much as I am.

There’s some more features I’d like to highlight while I have your attention. Over in the sidebar, you’ll see a link to Categories. Where Archives lists all of my posts in reverse chronological order, Categories separates them by type. If you want to browse through all of my Ideas to Steal, for example, that’s where you’ll find a convenient list. You’ll also find list of sub-categories on that page, such as my multi-part fiction stories and my annual “Reflections” letters.

You’ll also find subscription links in the sidebar. One gives you a plain RSS feed to drop into your favorite reader. The other sends you to a free service that will convert that RSS feed into regular emails. Either way, you’ll get automatic updates whenever I publish a new post.

Last but certainly not least…

quill and ink
Image ©2016 Katie Lewis

I can add pictures! My sister drew this logo specifically for the blog, so I’m glad I can finally include it in a post. I hope to showcase more of her art in the future.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Normal programming will resume next week. Till then, subscribe and try out the new comments system.