A lawyer’s job is more than stirring speeches and courtroom theatrics. There are legal precedents to research and analyze, and briefs to carefully write which lay out your arguments before you ever get to present them verbally in court (if it ever gets that far). This story will focus on the more mundane adventures that make up a lawyer’s career.

Public records are just that – records available to the public. That said, the government doesn’t have to make accessing them easy.

Our main character is a recent law school graduate who just landed an assistant job in a local firm to earn some money while they prepare for the bar exam. Their boss tasks them with researching a particular case from 20 years ago that’s relevant to the one the firm’s currently working on. How does the local bureaucracy hinder their search for records about this 20-year-old case? Why does the government seem eager to bury all knowledge of it?

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