For April’s bonus idea, imagine a trade guild. If you’re not familiar with these organizations, you may want to briefly read up on the medieval trade guilds of Europe or today’s labor unions.

Internal politics are threatening to tear the guild apart. The guild’s ever-shifting demands are making it harder and harder for the tradespeople to do business. It’s starting to affect other people and guilds further back in the supply chain: the miners who supply ore to the blacksmiths, the weavers and spinners who supply thread and fabric to the tailors, etc.

A group of junior guild members notice how bad things have gotten and decide to do something about it. (Depending on how your guild is organized, these can be journeymen, newly-minted technicians, and/or less influential masters.) How do they operate outside of the guild to salvage their incomes and businesses? Do they cook up a scheme to show the guild’s feuding leaders how royally they are messing things up for everybody? Will these junior members form a third faction which aims to restore the guild to what it once was?

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