Everyone, I need to apologize. July is always a busy month for my family. But I didn’t prepare enough of a backlog to cover this week. I suppose my posting streak ends today.

Even though I don’t have anything lined up for you this week, I didn’t want to leave you without content. Thankfully, one of my favorite YouTubers recently released a video that I think all of you might enjoy.

“It’s Okay to be Evil: Why We Love Villains” by Aydin Paladin

Here’s what Aydin gives as a preview in her video’s YouTube description:

Recently, a lot of Disney films have portrayed classic villains like Cruella de Vil as sympathetic anti-heroes. But do we really enjoy that? Why do we sometimes love the bad guy?

Aydin also explores what kinds of characters people enjoy most, what makes villains/antagonists compelling, what role prior familiarity plays in our perception of famous characters, and what kinds of people tend to like villains more than the heroes. All through the lens of psychology and social science. Some other noteworthy examples she discusses are Luke Skywalker, Disney’s Maleficient, Walter White of Breaking Bad, major characters from Harry Potter, and playable characters from the video game series Grand Theft Auto.

I’m recommending this video because it ties in so well with topics I’ve previously explored on this blog. In particular, it relates to points I brought up in my character analysis of the Dealer from Hand of Fate and last year’s series on dark stories. The promised follow-up to the latter – another character study – will also connect with some of the things Aydin’s talks about, since the character I’m examining is also an antagonist.

So grab a drink and settle in for this hour-plus discussion video. It’s well worth a watch. Let me know what you think down in the comments. If you enjoy it, follow Aydin and show her some love.