Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish readers. Yep, the holiday season is back again. Here are some treats fo your muse to nibble on.

  1. Write about a conflict where both sides are driven by a need for safety. How does the presence of one threaten the existence of the other?

  2. Abandoning your creation is rarely a good thing, especially when that creation has a life and/or will of its own. Write a scenario where the abandoned creation returns to haunt the creator. For bonus points, have the creation desire something other than revenge or acceptance.

  3. A dejected and unpopular queen comes to the realization that her days are numbered. Who stands by the queen till the bitter end? How do they try to raise the queen’s spirits enough to resist the impending coup?

  4. Write a story that takes place during a storm at sea.

  5. The search for a powerful, sentient weapon is an age-old trope. Write a story where the main character already has such a weapon. They search for a place to hide it, and thus keep it out of the wrong hands forever. Bonus points if the sentient weapon is not a sword.

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.