It’s been a weird week for me. Then again, I know there’s plenty of other people in the world going through even weirder weeks. So let me get to the point quickly. Here’s a few writing prompts to help you take a break from whatever weirdness you’re facing right now.

  1. Something – something supernatural perhaps – happens to break our main character’s daily routine. Whatever this event was, it prompts them to sell their possessions. What made them so afraid to hang onto material goods?

  2. An old lie must be exposed. The truth can’t stay hidden any longer. What must the main character risk in order to bring it to light?

  3. Write from the perspective of a bearer of bad news.

  4. Write about a (supposed) scientist who stubbornly refuses to let anyone else test their theories.

  5. Our main character is a student at a magic academy. What kinds of mean rumors are told about them? What kind(s) of bullying must the main character endure? How do they plan to use their magic to prove the bullies wrong?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.