I wish I had something clever to say for the intro this week. But my mind is too busy. I have the current chapter of Reclaiming the City to wrap up. (If not next week, then July. Promise.) There’s the next chapter to plan out, which is becoming more intricate than I initially thought. I have some ideas for a filler piece to publish in between these chapters. (I like that pattern. I’m going to keep rolling with it.) And on top of all that, I have this third project from last winter poking me in the shoulder, saying, “Hey. Remember me?” So… yeah.

Here’s a spare Idea to Steal I had saved for a situation like this. Hope you enjoy.

A gang of graverobbers plunder a cemetary for riches. They didn’t plan on getting interrupted, certainly not by someone crawling out of their grave. How did this person come to be buried alive? How do the graverobbers react to the sight?

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