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Idea You Can Steal 13 -- The Shy Guardian

I’m thankful for a lot things this year, including my readers. To show my gratitude, here’s a free story idea in time for Turkey Day.

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Building Characters Organically

In one of my earliest posts, “Stop Trying to be Unique”, I encouraged writers to use archetypes, to not reinvent the story if they didn’t need to. Last month, I gave an example of how adding conflict to an archetypal character can turn them into an interesting individual.

Yeah, both of those posts were cool. But how do you build these characters? How can I do that?

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Writing Prompts 11

The leaves have finally turned and are starting to fall. Just like these writing prompts are falling onto this blog. (Okay. Not one of my better segues.) Here’s your batch of five for November.

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Friday Flash 8 -- Unanswered

Inspired by “Thorns” by Vindsvept

I’ve never believed in coincidences. Not in this town. Why you? Why me? Why tonight?

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Idea You Can Steal 12 -- The Alluring Hunt

Is it too early to say “Happy Halloween?” Doesn’t matter. I already did. And here’s an idea to inspire your late night writing.

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