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Idea You Can Steal 41 -- Lost Identity

It’s the final day of July, so here’s one more idea to kickstart your writing into August.

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Friday Fiction -- On the Red Line, Part 1

Sakari ran down the dark, damp street toward the subway station, splashing through puddles left behind by the rain. Buttery gold street lights guided him through the night to a high-rise office building sandwiched between two theaters. A brightly lit sign printed with the subway system’s wheel-shaped logo and the words “Paulownia Square” marked the entrance to the station.

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Idea You Can Steal 40 -- "I'm going to find myself some treasure!"

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t mind rain. In the summer, I look forward to it. Maybe because it’s a chance to cool down, or maybe because it washes the air clean. After what 2020 has been and still is, cleaning the air sounds nice.

Here’s a story idea for you to work on the next time you’re waiting out a rainstorm.

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How Do I...? Ellipses

When I wrapped up my 4-part series on dark stories, I thought I’d spend a couple of months writing one-off posts before tackling another meaty project. Then inspiration struck hard with a story idea that is slow-mo exploding into a novel-length piece. Easily the longest thing I’ve ever planned for the blog. “Crystal Towers” was just the beginning, folks.

I used ellipses several times in that Friday Fiction. So let’s talk a bit more about how to use ellipses in your own writing.

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Writing Prompts 31

Happy Fourth of July to all of my fellow Americans. Here’s a set of prompts to keep your writing momentum rolling.

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