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Eight Points of View -- Objective Third

This is part 5 of my series on point of view.

In part 1 of this series, I explained that a story’s teller can be a character inside the story or some external entity. Nowhere is the latter situation clearer than in the case of objective third. This point of view is also known as “objective narrator”, and Ursula K. Le Guin uses the term “detached author” in Steering the Craft. I prefer objective third person, so that’s what we’ll be using.

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Writing Prompts 8

Going on vacation soon? Here are some writing prompts to pack in your bags. Don’t worry; they don’t take up much room.

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Eight Points of View -- Omniscient Third

This is part 4 of my series on point of view. You can catch up with part 3 or start at the beginning with part 1.

So far, I’ve been talking about points of view where the author’s persona is close to a single character in the story. When the author’s persona is close to multiple characters and combines their experiences into a single narrative, then the point of view becomes omniscient third. It’s sometimes called “omniscient author” or “authorial narration”. In Steering the Craft, Ursula K. Le Guin labels it “involved author”. I learned this POV as omniscient third person, so that’s the term we’ll be using in this series.

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Idea You Can Steal 8 -- The Empty Spaceship

I know it’s early, but Happy Christmas in July to my friends down under. And in the spirit of Christmas, here’s a present for all of you.

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Eight Points of View -- The Observer-Narrator

This is part 3 in my series on POV. Here are links to part 1 and part 2.

If you remember my first post in this series, there are two factors that define point of view.

  1. Where the story is being told from (inside or outside it)
  2. How close to the plot that position is
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