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Write As Your Antagonist

All writers have heard some variation of the phrase “A story is only as good as its villain.” Yet writers, especially beginners, rarely write from the villain’s perspective. Why? Because in order to do so, we must tap into our own villainous potential. We must foster compassion, even empathy, for the traits we deny, repress, and reject.

It’s not a pleasant project. It can be downright unnerving. It’s little wonder then that most writers hesitate to attempt this. Even experienced writers can forget this possibility.

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Writing Prompts 22

It’s October! Time for spooks, candy, and writing prompts!

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Friday Flash 13 -- Teardrop

Mr. Harring flipped a switch on the wall, igniting all of the lamps in the library at once. Their soft golden light illuminated the thick Persian rugs, leather chairs, and Harring’s many books standing neatly on their walnut shelves.

“So these are your famous teardrop sculptures,” said Harring’s guest – a new acquaintance from the capital. “They’re magnficient.”

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Idea You Can Steal 27 -- The Outsiders' Cure

Long day. Long week. Busy month. No catchy intro. Apologies. Enjoy!

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The Masks of the Dealer -- What Does It Mean?

In July and August’s posts, I showed how the Dealer from Hand of Fate fit both of the archetypes of Mentor and Shadow that are defined by Christopher Vogler in The Writer’s Journey. But what does all of that mean? What kind of character has Defiant Development created by combining these two archetypes? I think that this combination is at the core of the game’s narrative appeal. Why is that? These are questions that I’ll answer in the final post of this series.

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