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Character vs. Conflict, and Does it Really Matter?

question to writers: what do you think of the concept “conflict before character”? do you feel its a core principle in storytelling?

The resulting discussion on the LegendFire Facebook group centered on the question of which was more important to the story – the characters or the conflict. Many people answered that character is more important. I answered that conflict is more essential. Maybe it’s because I enjoy playing devil’s advocate, but it’s mostly because of my strong emphasis on plot in my writing process. Yet after some more thought, I’ve come over to the position that others on Facebook gave: conflict and character are equally important because one is entangled in the other.

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Writing Prompts 10

The spookiest month of the year has arrived! Here are some writing prompts for your bag of treats.

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Friday Flash 7 -- Doomed

Inspired by “Moonless Night” by Vindsvept

They must know by now. They’ll come for us. Someone will find us. Someone will break in.

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Idea You Can Steal 11 -- Patient Zero

Ordinarily, I’d make some poetic remark about the leaves changing color and the weather cooling. But the only signs of the season I’ve seen so far are pumpkin spice lattes.

And with that awkward segue, here’s your monthly idea you can steal.

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How Do I...? Thoughts

I’m juggling multiple balls at the moment – both work-related and creative projects – and everything is due today or tomorrow. Lovely. So I’m publishing a shorter post this month – a craft discussion answering a question I’ve heard multiple times. How do you format a characters’ thoughts? How do you incorporate them into your story?

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