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We Stress Reading Too Much

So I have a confession to make. I can’t remember the last time I read a novel for pleasure. The last book I chose to read was nonfiction – a book on the future of education and online courses. [Is this me foreshadowing some long-term projects? Time will tell. ;) ] According to some fiction writers on the internet, I’ve failed at one of the first rules of being a serious writer – reading. Writers are supposed to read a lot. They’re supposed to read constantly. There is no shortcut. Thou shalt read.

I don’t disagree. I admit it. I’m guilty. However, I refuse to stress out about this. If people want to come arrest me for willful neglect of duty, fine. You can probably find my street address if you Google deep enough. (There’s no such thing as privacy anymore, amirite?) But before I’m dragged off to the big house, I’d like to explain why I feel this way.

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Writing Prompts 3

Spring is nearly here. (Or fall, if you’re in the southern hemisphere.) Here’s a bouquet of prompts to start a new season of writing.

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Friday Flash 2 -- Our New World

Inspired by “View on the Stars” by Soundcritters

At last, we found it – the new Earth. What our scans had prophesied would be a new home. Air, water. Life? We did not know what became of the old Earth. Perhaps destroyed in anger lightyears ago by a miniature sun. Not that any of us cared, really.

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Idea You Can Steal 2 -- The Monk and the Engineer

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, readers! Or Singles Appreciation Day. Or Hearts Day. Whatever you call February 14th. Anyway, here’s another story idea you can steal.

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Goethe's Three Criteria

If I learned nothing else from Professor Todd’s classes, it was Goethe’s Three Criteria. Though Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is best known as a poet and playwright, he also wrote criticism and is credited with developing a three-part critical framework. Prof. Todd drilled these into our heads in his History of Theater classes. The written assignments we had to complete after reading each play had questions that were derived from these three criteria.

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