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Idea You Can Steal 1 -- The True Tyrant

As I explained earlier this month, Ideas You Can Steal are longer, meatier writing prompts. A scenario and direction for the plot are suggested, but the details and ending are completely up to you. Take this idea wholesale as a kind of outline, or cut it apart to use as inspiration for multiple projects.

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Should Critiques Be Objective?

So I’ve been thinking about critiques lately, specifically whether or not these things can be objective. Is there an objective measure for how good a piece of art is? What this measure is will vary from medium to medium, but does the presence or involvement of this measure make the critique objective?

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Writing Prompts 1

New year. New beginnings. A month of resolutions and improvment. Perhaps you’ve made one to write more? You can read about my new year’s resolution here. Regardless, here are some writing prompts to kickstart your creativity.

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What's Coming in 2018

Dear Readers,

I haven’t been the kind of person who makes resolutions. Well, except the resolution to not make any resolutions. ;) I didn’t want some arbitrary goal to get in the way of finding unexpected success in the coming year. But one of the lessons that 2017 taught me was the value of intentionality. If you want to find success, you have to actively go looking for it. I still believe in unexpected success, but the unexpected can’t happen unless you aren’t investing effort somewhere. So with all of that in mind, I’m bucking my usual trend and making one resolution for 2018.

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How Do I...? Dialogue

We’ve been talking about macro-level stuff on this blog so far, but I’ve yet to dive into some of the craft of writing – the wordsmithing part that all writers should know. So I’m starting this series of posts on craft. I hope this will become a regular thing.

Today’s topic is dialogue. I assume most of you have learned how to punctuate in and around quotation marks. Perhaps you’ve even learned how to incorporate quotes into an academic paper. (If not, then there are plenty of resources online.) Dialogue, however, is more than just the quotation marks, which makes it a beast unique to creative writing. This post is going to focus more on construction and word choice rather than grammar.

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