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Idea You Can Steal 6 -- The Tainted Three

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the audience. Here’s my story idea for May.

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How Do I...? Paragraphs

We all know what paragraphs are, and those of us who’ve been through school know how they are used in academic essays, letters, and business contexts. But when it comes to creative writing, so many beginners have no idea what to do. During my years working as a tutor, I encountered several personal and narrative essays that had very long paragraphs and a few that didn’t have any paragraphs at all. Clearly, these students weren’t taught how and where to split their draft into paragraphs. That’s a problem I hope to remedy with this post.

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Writing Prompts 5

May flowers are blooming. So are writing prompts. Here’s a bouquet of five.

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Friday Flash 4 -- Warrior of the North

Inspired by “Wolfborn” by BrunuhVille

You walk through a dark forest, down from the mountain. Snow swirls at your feet, obscuring the path ahead, erasing your footprints behind. No name, no home, a past forgotten and gone. Only your life to lose. You are nobody, another stranger from the north.

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Idea You Can Steal 5 -- Ghost in the Crystal

There aren’t any holidays coming up, so I’ll cut my usual fluff and say “Here’s your monthly idea to steal.”

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