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Idea You Can Steal 34 -- The Secret Town

It’s mid-February, and it looks like I’m not going to get any more snow this winter. And all I did get lasted for two days. Climate change or bad luck? I’ll let you decide.

Once you’re done pondering that weather conundrum, here’s a story idea for you.

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Suspending Disbelief

If you’ve taken English classes or studied media at all, you’re probably familiar with suspension of disbelief. It’s the psychological mechanism through which we immerse ourselves in an imaginary world and allow ourselves to care about what happens in it. It’s our ability to temporarily ignore the normal rules of our everyday lives and slip into a different reality. If you’ve ever felt the world fall away when you’ve looked long at a painting in a gallery, sat still and just listened to a piece of music, or fell into a trance while watching a move, you’ve suspended your disbelief. Without it, all of the art that humanity creates wouldn’t matter and nobody would bother making it.

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Writing Prompts 26

I know a lot of you are arranging something special to do with your special someone on a certain holiday next week. So I’m giving you your Valentine’s Day gift early this year – a box of writing prompts. Enjoy!

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Idea You Can Steal 33 -- Surprise in the Will

It’s Super Bowl weekend. It’s also the last friday in January. So here’s a bonus story idea you can work on between rounds of sports-ball. (I clearly don’t know much about football.)

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Friday Flash 16 -- Safe Room

Emma, Lance, and Riley stood around the desk, staring at a sheet of paper. A large symbol was drawn on it – a mass of thick, black, sharp tendrils forming a circular, labyrinthine knot. They couldn’t pull their eyes away from it. The knot led their minds into a deep, dark place. None of them knew how they knew or that the others came to the same realization. All they knew was that, whatever the symbol was, it was kin to the thing that stalked them.

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