This is a companion piece to my post “Eight Points of View: First Person and Limited Third”

We made it to the heart of the warehouse. The room felt different from the rest of the building. As soon as I saw that white pentagram drawn on the floor, I knew why. This was the source of the evil that radiated from this place. The arcane symbols surrounding the huge sigil. A portal to hell? Blood dripping down the drain. Candles flickering. Hundreds of skulls stacked against the walls. A red curtain hung at the far end of room. Something unnatural writhing beneath it.

No. The blood and the candles were just in my head. That curtain was perfectly still – for now.

I heard Garrett’s voice. “Dora?”

“Are you alright, Ms. Marcel?” Professor Ellar asked.

I must have looked terrified. They must have worried that I was having another attack. But I couldn’t lose my grip now. “We have to find Dr. Allen,” I told them. “We have to get her out of here now.” For her sake, I had to endure.

I remember looking up at the ceiling and the constellation of lightbulbs while I caught my breath. It was just enough light to appreciate the latent horror that surrounded us. Enough to witness what would inevitably follow?

“You!” Garrett shouted.

There, standing in front of the curtain, was Niles Vasco – the kidnapper, the mastermind. His shirt was splattered with dark stains. Dried blood? Chemicals? Something unspeakable? Vasco casually unrolled his sleeves as he told the professor how he wasn’t surprised we were here, how we were too late. Of course Vasco was calm. He made this.

“Where’s Dr. Allen?” I demanded. “What did you do to her, you monster?!”

Garrett and the professor stepped in front of me. Were they protecting me? Keeping me from lashing out at Vasco? If I had been able to move, I would have.

Vasco answered questions that I didn’t hear. He mentioned a ritual. That’s what the pentagram was for. He said that his victims have “an important role to play.” Was he going to sacrifice them? Spill their fresh blood to summon evil incarnate?

The door behind us slammed shut. A metal grate fell to seal it. I ran for it. There was a loud zap and fire rushed through me. Then I blacked out. Garrett told me later that I was out for some time.