Writing Prompts 53

So I’m publishing this post from the campus library at my sister’s college. I’m in town for her graduation. The actual ceremony is tomorrow, which is why I’m posting a day early. For everybody who doesn’t have big plans for the coming weekend, here are a set of writing prompts for your imagination to chew on.

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Writing Prompts 52

Forgive me if I don’t have a clever intro for this week’s post. My grandmother has been dealing with some heavy medical trouble, so priorities needed to be shifted around. But I didn’t want to neglect you readers completely. So here are five writing prompts to spark your April sessions.

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Friday Fiction -- Dinner in Silver Arches, Part 3

Mia unlocked the front door and stepped onto the faded burlap welcome mat. She flipped a light switch on the wall, illuminating a bright painting of sunflowers and a brass coat rack. “Come in. Make yourselves at home,” she told David, Bern, and Rianne. By instinct, Mia followed the hardwood floor left then right through the apartment’s living room, kitchen, and dining room, turning on more lights as she went.

Rianne followed Mia into the kitchen. David and Bern lingered in the living room.

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Writing Prompts 51

It’s been a weird week for me. Then again, I know there’s plenty of other people in the world going through even weirder weeks. So let me get to the point quickly. Here’s a few writing prompts to help you take a break from whatever weirdness you’re facing right now.

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Friday Fiction -- Dinner in Silver Arches, Part 2

Cara took out her phone to check her list, but she couldn’t go past the lock screen. She was so surprised by what she saw that she could only stare at her phone wide-eyed, saying, “Ummm…”

Mia glanced at her sister’s phone. “Woah! What the…?” Curious, she checked her own phone and made the same discovery Cara had. “Wait. What?!”

“What’s wrong?” Sakari asked the sisters.

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Idea You Can Steal 63 -- Keeping Options Open

Had any unusual weather lately? It had been a usual, bitterly cold Februrary where I am, but then last night was strangely windy. We don’t often get gusts strong enough to rattle the house. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear there was a storm brewing nearby.

Here’s a story idea that’s great for waiting out a storm.

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