Writing Prompts 47

New month. New set of writing prompts.

Small programming note: I’m taking my week off at the end of the month. My family is hosting Thanksgiving this year. I’d like to get all of my blog posts and work orders done before then, so I won’t have to rush preparations. Upside for you is that the next part of Reclaiming the City will appear sooner than usual. Stay tuned for that. Enjoy these prompts for now.

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Friday Fiction -- Coldessi Park, Part 5

Sakari, Nico, and Shavonne met the charging dogs and attacked them with sword, fist, and improvised whip. The dog Sakari struck bit his arm in retaliation. Bern joined in, swinging his skateboard, while unsuccessfully dodging a crow.

Mia was frozen in shock. Everything was happening so fast.

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I'm in an Anthology [News]

This summer, LegendFire’s admin – you know her as Raveneye – decided to compile the best pieces from the forum’s contests into a free anthology. My entry in one of the weekly 100 word contests met her submission criteria. Now, I’ve been published in an ebook.

You can grab a copy of the anthology for yourself at the link above. It’s completely free. Look for “The Hardest Job” in the 100 Words Weekly Challenge section.

I don’t have much else to say other than I’m glad to be one step closer to having legitimate writer street cred. Though, if I’m perfectly honest, this anthology couldn’t have come out at a better time. I need to work on Reclaiming the City, and this post gives me a bit longer to chase down my muse, the scaredy cat.

Writing Prompts 46

It’s the first of October. You know what that means. Time to start spooky month off right with a new batch of writing prompts.

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Friday Fiction -- Coldessi Park, Part 4

They ran toward the edge of town. The street they’d been following led them into the parking lot of an electrical power plant.

Bern rode his skateboard ahead of the others. He was the first to reach the chain-link fence that surrounded the plant. “It’s locked! Dead end!” he yelled back.

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Writing Prompts 45

I don’t care what anybody says. It’s too hot to wish people a happy fall. (Though I’m sure my Southern Hemisphere readers are more than ready for spring to arrive.)

Seasonal rant aside, here are some prompts to help kickstart September’s writing.

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Friday Fiction -- Coldessi Park, Part 3

A large gust of wind blew through the park, nearly shoving everyone off their feet. The wind that followed after it wasn’t much kinder. They soon realized that that first gust was the vanguard of a storm.

Nico climbed to the top of the boulder to survey the area. “That’s not good.”

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Idea You Can Steal 56 -- The Wizards' Fortress

I’ve been living in vacation mode this week. It’s been a well-deserved break after what July and early August were. Though since I’m technically taking a staycation, I can still publish this story idea I prepared earlier. Enjoy!

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