Welcome to the New Apprentice Wordsmith

The transfer to WordPress took longer than I initially planned. Though it’s visually very similar to the old blog, there are plenty of small changes and new bells and whistles that I hope will make your time here a lot more enjoyable.

Since I had to do so much manually, I took the time to revisit each of my old posts — deleting ones I’m no longer proud of and revising others that I felt needed an update. Please scroll through the backlog while you’re here. You might notice a few changes to the old posts, as well as a few new posts I added during the transfer. If you’ve got a favorite category, you can find them in the menu in the upper right corner.

The most important thing I want to point out is the tip jar button in the site header. Though I am rebooting this blog with a modest amount of funding, thanks to an inheritance from my grandmother, that money is finite. It will, one day, dry up. So if you enjoy my work and want to keep Apprentice Wordsmith running, consider tossing in a few coins. Your financial support, no matter how small, will help cover hosting costs and keep my posts ad-free and without a paywall for everyone.

After a well-earned hiatus, I’m ready to go back to regular posting. I’ll ease myself in with two posts per month starting next Friday. I need to re-balance regular blogging with my daily routine, plus I’ve got something new cooking that also needs attention. It’s too early to share any details publicly, but this is the place to be when those announcements do drop.

See y’all again next week. Till then, have fun exploring the new website.

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