Writing Prompts 63

Back in January, I planned to be working on something meaty by now — something I’d publish by the end of the month. That, uh… didn’t happen. Real life obligations have popped up, and they want to stick around until Easter. So, expect delays.

Also, my muse has fallen down a rabbit hole and hasn’t replied to any of my texts. I should probably go after it.

Here is a snack platter of writing prompts along with apologies for not having more exciting news to share.

  1. Write about the birth of a new political or religious faction.
  2. Write about a flight attendant.
  3. Convoluted lies take effort to maintain. What kind of false narrative is your male lead spinning? What extraordinary thing must he do in order to keep the lie going?
  4. A controversy shakes the art world. Did a museum hang a famous abstract painting upside down? Is the artist still around to give his opinion?
  5. Write about a warmonger. Bonus points if you make her your main character.

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.

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