Idea You Can Steal 77: The Cure We Need, Not the Cure We Want

I’ve accomplished a lot this month — a lot that I’m proud of. And I was afraid of being on the verge of a creative slump the last time I posted.

One problem, though. You guys probably won’t see any of the fruits of my February labor for a couple more months.

Building confidence counts for something, right? Right?

Anyway… here’s another story idea for you to play with.

A mysterious disease spreads through a city. Local doctors are baffled. An eccentric scientist volunteers his time and expertise to the medical mystery. Is he able to find a treatment or even a cure? How does he butt heads and otherwise annoy the local doctors?

Reactions? Comments? Leave them down below. Want to share what you’ve written? Feel free to leave your work or a link to your work below too.

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