Writing Prompts 66

I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to get out of the house until I needed to escape the noise and dust of some remodeling my family’s doing. The change of scenery has been such an inspiration! I oughta do this more often.

Speaking of, here’s your monthly dose of writing prompts. I hope they give you a burst of fresh inspiration too.

  1. If you could, why wouldn’t you use magic to guarantee good weather for the big sports competition? There won’t be any unforeseen consequences. Right?
  2. A woman rejects responsibility for something. How does her failure come back to bite her later?
  3. Write about a necromancer.
  4. How is a man’s pride shattered?
  5. A woman’s blind rage kicks off the plot. How long will the consequences of her outburst haunt her?

If you use any of these prompts, please share your story or a link to your story in the comments below.

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