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Goethe's Three Criteria

If I learned nothing else from Professor Todd’s classes, it was Goethe’s Three Criteria. Though Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is best known as a poet and playwright, he also wrote criticism and is credited with developing a three-part critical framework. Prof. Todd drilled these into our heads in his History of Theater classes. The written assignments we had to complete after reading each play had questions that were derived from these three criteria.

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Writing Prompts 2

Have you given up on your new year’s resolutions yet? Let’s hope not. Here are five more prompts to help get you back in the swing of writing.

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Friday Flash 1 -- Eruption

Inspired by “Volcano Dance” by Jonathan Yandel

Amber, liquid rock leaps toward the stars. The mountain remakes itself before their eyes. Little creatures with black and yellow scales raise their limbs in praise.

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Idea You Can Steal 1 -- The True Tyrant

As I explained earlier this month, Ideas You Can Steal are longer, meatier writing prompts. A scenario and direction for the plot are suggested, but the details and ending are completely up to you. Take this idea wholesale as a kind of outline, or cut it apart to use as inspiration for multiple projects.

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Should Critiques Be Objective?

So I’ve been thinking about critiques lately, specifically whether or not these things can be objective. Is there an objective measure for how good a piece of art is? What this measure is will vary from medium to medium, but does the presence or involvement of this measure make the critique objective?

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