Reflections 2021... Maybe [News & Announcement]

Hey everyone.

Long-time readers will be confused by the title of this post. I normally write a Reflections letter in December where I look back on the past year and give updates on plans for the coming year. But 2021 has been a very reflective year for me as a whole: personally, professionally, and creatively.

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Writing Prompts 44

Anyone else have the feeling that something is coming? No, not these writing prompts for August. I mean something massive and world-changing.

Just me? Okay. Anyway, here’s some more writing prompts to help keep your summer writing streak going.

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Friday Fiction -- Coldessi Park, Part 2

It was 2:50pm when the group walked through the wrought iron gate marking the entrance to Coldessi Park. Two small spotlights illuminated the metal sign arching over the gate that bore the park’s name. They followed the bending sand and gravel path through the tangled hedges that separated the park from the city.

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"Why We Love Villains" [Video Recommendation]

Everyone, I need to apologize. July is always a busy month for my family. But I didn’t prepare enough of a backlog to cover this week. I suppose my posting streak ends today.

Even though I don’t have anything lined up for you this week, I didn’t want to leave you without content. Thankfully, one of my favorite YouTubers recently released a video that I think all of you might enjoy.

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Friday Fiction -- Coldessi Park, Part 1

“Arrived at Coldessi Boulevard,” the recorded woman announced.

The six passengers stepped off the train and onto the concrete platform. They walked up the painted white line then up a ramp, following the exit signs on the tile pillars and walls.

Around a bend, they came to a set of stainless-steel doors – the bank of elevators that would carry them up to street level. Rianne raced forward to press the elevators’ call button. Nothing happened. “Huh? Something’s wrong with the elevator.”

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"Stop thinking!"

While looking back over the original LegendFire discussion thread in preparation for May’s post, I realized that a point got lost in the shuffle – a point Scintilla wanted to discuss. I’ve strung together bits from her follow-up and initial posts that highlight this glossed over detail.

I more meant to discuss consciously using our personal lives in our writing… I’ve often felt like I “should” write something that consciously expresses the feelings I have at the time, but in practice, I don’t think I ever have, except a little bit as a teenager, badly. Maybe I’ve figured out some level that it’s not that easy to go directly from how I feel to a decent piece of writing.

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